Our Athletes

Ian Bell

I’m 25 years old and currently live in Austin, Texas where I am getting my master’s degree in social work. I’m from San Antonio, Texas which is where my powerlifting career began with winning back-to-back THSPA state championships in two different weight classes. Since that point I’ve been able to win five IPF World Championships, set open and junior world deadlift records, have won the Arnold Pro Deadlift Expo four times, won 4 consecutive collegiate national titles, was part of back-to-back collegiate men’s team national championships, and have set 20+ national records in various weight classes and age divisions. I’ve also recently competed at the World Games, which I qualified for by placing top 3 in the world in my weight class. My best numbers are 824 lbs squat, 501 lbs bench, and 842 lb deadlift at 205 lbs bodyweight.

Outside of lifting, I also enjoy watching sports, music, and cooking.

Callier's Woolam (aka Dr. Deadlift)

I am a powerlifter from Lubbock Texas. I have been lifting weights since the age of 12. Striving to he strong has always been very important to me. It is my favorite thing to do in my free time. I currently hold 2 all time world records in the deadlift. 881lbs @198 And 928@ 220.